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An Evening with Jay Blumenfield featuring Small Town Ecstasy @ Spectacle

7:30 PM on April 2nd, 2024 PDT

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Admission includes access to the discussion with Blumenfield following a complimentary screening of SMALL TOWN ECSTASY

“Aren’t people great?”

Hollywood Entertainment is proud to present Jay Blumenfield’s SMALL TOWN ECSTASY, a film of unrivaled familial tension and religious grace. One of the only films to capture glimpses of the Northern California rave scene, it shows us a family on the brink of collapse punctuated with strobe lights and pummeling trance synth. Like taking ecstasy, this is a story of the highest highs and the lowest lows once the music stops.

A 40 year old preacher’s son and father of four, Scott’s post-divorce crisis takes an atypical form. Rather than getting a Porsche or starting a cover band, he indulges in underground trance and jungle raves under the influence of ecstasy with his 20 year old son. The two go to raves in matching Adidas visors and baggy pants looking for light shows, bass, and pills while his new lifestyle creates tension between his ex-wife and younger children. Scott loves the rave and wants to share the feeling with his children without any comprehension of the dangers that lie ahead.