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Choose Your Own Adventure @ Whammy Analog

8:00 PM on May 10th, 2023 PDT

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On May 10, the choice is yours as we screen and pay tribute to the forgotten, nearly lost art of the interactive movie. Bring your open mind and your democratic right to vote via crime thrillers, sci-fi, erotic oddities, fantasy, and more. Come control stars like John Hurt, Matthew Lillard, Adam West, Michael Ian Black and Robert Ben Garant, and the elf wizard Mialee.

For a brief, beautiful window in the 1990s, the future was bright, the Pepsi was clear, and entertainment choices were finally -- after nearly a century of enforced passivity -- in the moviegoers' hands. The recent success of motion-picture based computer games like The 7th Guest and real-time full-motion-video games like Dragon's Lair fueled the development of technology that enabled viewers to control the outcome of films from the comfort of their movie theater chairs. Don't miss this homage to cinematic innovation and the freedom of limitless possibilities.