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Corpses, Fools and Monsters Secret Screening @ Whammy Analog

Guest-programmed by Caden Mark Gardner and Willow Catelyn Maclay with an introduction by Gardner and Elizabeth Purchell

8:00 PM on July 19th, 2024 PDT

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We are proud and excited to host a secret feature guest-programmed by Caden Mark Gardner and Willow Catelyn Maclay (with Gardner in person) on the occasion of the release of the book they co-authored, Corpses, Fools and Monsters: The History and Future of Transness in Cinema. The book is absolutely incredible and essential and we're honored to play one of the most "salacious" titles it covers. The film will be co-introduced by historian, programmer and filmmaker Elizabeth Purchell.

Completely unavailable to rent, stream, or see theatrically, this secret feature is a star-studded sex-crazed romp with a glittery cast of multiple generations of Hollywood megastars and egos that nearly derailed its tumultuous production. Gardner and Maclay describe its tawdry source material as "gestur[ing] subversively at low-culture and queer camp with some instantly recognizable references to those in the know." They describe the film itself as a "zany, postmodern, and self-referential satire." If you want to be in the know and you can keep a secret, won't you join us?

As the film's teaser poster said, Everything You've Heard About [Redacted] Is True....