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Don't Be a Dick About It and The Last Year of Darkness @ Whammy Analog

With director Ben Mullinkosson

8:00 PM on March 15th, 2024 PDT

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Hollywood Entertainment programs a double feature in the microcinema for the month of March with director Ben Mullinkosson in person for his new feature The Last Year of Darkness, preceded by Don't Be a Dick About It.

We're excited to introduce you to a memorable and captivating pair of brothers. Don't Be a Dick About It is a pure presentation of siblings' love and desire for self-improvement and self-knowledge. With a rigor and wit akin to Frederick Wiseman's institutional examinations, director Ben Mullinkosson's empathetic humor and moving affection for his subjects (who are also his cousins) is unflinching and openhearted. On the occasion of Mubi's theatrical release of his new film The Last Year of Darkness, join Mullinkosson in person and celebrate his funny, sweet, and confident debut feature. An essential crowd watch with a breakout filmmaker. (H.E.)

SYNOPSIS - Don't Be a Dick About It

Growing up in a loving home, brothers Peter and Matthew are crazy about each other, but also constantly at each other’s throats. Displaying their individual idiosyncrasies—Peter is obsessed with the TV show Survivor, while younger brother Matthew struggles to overcome his intense fear of dogs—the brothers spend one formative summer in their suburban Maryland neighborhood. Ben Mullinkosson’s revealing and endearing film Don't Be a Dick About It is an affectionate portrait of brotherly love and family life in America.

SYNOPSIS - Last Year of Darkness

As the city of Chengdu changes, the future of beloved club Funky Town is unclear. For a vibrant group of DJs, drag artists, ravers, and skaters, it is a sanctuary that allows them to thrive after hours. But as the sun comes up, the friends must face what brought them to the party in the first place.

Don't Be a Dick About It, dir. Ben Mullinkosson, 2018, United States, digital projection

70 min

The Last Year of Darkness, dir. Ben Mullinkosson, 2023, China, digital projection

90 min

7:30 doors

8 PM Don't Be a Dick About It Screening

9:10 PM Q&A w/ Ben Mullinkosson

9:30 PM Last Year of Darkness Screening

One ticket is admission for both film screenings.